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Website Design Do You Know the Key to Attracting and Keeping Those Visitors? Simplify Navigation

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Website Design Do You Know the Key to Attracting and Keeping Those Visitors? Simplify Navigation

By: Daljeet Sidhu

Clear and easy navigation is a central part of effective website design. Effective navigation can enhance user experience, build trust and loyalty and add to your client base. Conversely, difficulty in accessing information and outdated links can greatly degrade the reputation of your business and make you lose your customers.

Before you start designing your website, determine the number of pages it will have, the content of each page and how the pages will be linked to each other. Linked pages should use consistent font styles, graphics and colors. You can also look at the styles, colors and graphics of other popular websites and how they change from one link the next. There should never be any conflicting information on linked pages, as this can negatively influence your reputation and diminish your client base. Additionally, a web page must have all relevant links to enhance customer experience and satisfaction.

Quick and Easy Search
Your website should be designed in a way that it facilitates quick and easy search of desired information. In general, it should not take more than two to three clicks for customers to access the required information. If they cannot easily find what they are looking for, and have to browse through several pages before reaching their search items, they will get bored and turn their attention to other websites. Easy search capabilities make visitors’ browsing experience an enjoyable one.

As a rule of thumb, do not use more than five navigation bars. Additionally, provide options for your customers to review previously viewed content areas without having to use three or four links. In other words, it is always advisable to provide a link to the homepage on every web page of your site. Site maps can help customers and search engines to find web pages on your sites.

Selecting Navigation Links
Depending on the types of your business, you may need to provide links to different elements. The commonly highlighted elements include customer testimonials, return, guarantee, privacy and warrantee policies, credentials, discount and promotional offers, contact information, shipping cost, tracking information, site maps and the like.

Personalizing Navigation
It is always a good practice to personalize your website design and navigation to make your web pages more intuitive. Let us say you run a pet care service. Navigation buttons at the top of the page may include Home, Cat owners, Dog owners, Services, Rates, Contact. The faster your customers can navigate through your website and find what they are looking for, the more likely you are to get repeat visits from them.

Adding Links for Alternative Online Payment Methods
If you are selling products or services through your website, you should provide your customers with an alternative payment option. This could include an online order form and fax line or toll free number. This gives cautious customers who do not want to use their credit cards online, an excellent payment option. This link should be included along with all other payment links.

Testing your Navigation Scheme
Once you implement a navigation scheme, get your friends, family and customers to test it out. Get people of different ages and backgrounds to use your website and evaluate the link and navigation structure. Their feedback will help you to assess its effectiveness and how it can be improved and refined. Further, your website links should be functional on more than one browser, for instance, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Monitoring Links
Regularly monitor your links to ensure proper functionality. Outdated links are annoying and may seriously affect your business reputation.

Simplicity and logical consistency in your navigation design makes it easy for customers to search desired pages and also puts your business in the best light and wins loyalty for your brand.

Author Resource:-> Daljeet Sidhu

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Building a Blog site in few Simple Steps

By: Alan Smith

There are certain points which you need to take care when you're learning how to build your own website. You can follow a simple game plan to set up your own website which will help you to start generating traffic right away. Imagine, how much pleasure you will get out of realizing that you can actually make a good living from your website. It is very easy to make a blog at or more traditional website at Remember one thing, these websites are extremely user friendly and you can make a website of all sorts in few minutes. Making your own website for free sounds like a great idea, but is it really? Before you make your own website for free, check out if making your website can make a world of difference for you?

Below are few points which will help you to set up your own website.

1) A Blog: Set up a blog website with no cost

There are many websites available online which will allow you to setup a blog for free using their own embedded software. In a matter of minutes, you can set up a website using one of these platforms. Do some homework and find out which website offers this type of service for free or with minimal charges.

2) A website with minimal content: A website with couple of paragraphs and content only

If your interest is to set up just a happy looking small website to begin with, there are many websites where you can type in content according to you and add graphics and so forth that are included within the website. You do not require any expertise in respect to HTML and the best thing is you can set up a website in very short period of time very easily. In your small website, there would be a problem wherein you'll have more restrictions as to the format that you will be allowed to use and the content which you can include.

3) Domain: Buy a domain name for your website

Once you select a format or platform that you want to use and are ready with basic requirements for your blog website, you need to register a domain name at a place that offers domains for a very low price. Now you have total control over the content of your website and you can start building back-links to it. Knowing that any effort that you put into it will be benefiting you instead of someone else website.


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Jay Conrad Levinson telah menyatakan bahawa:

"Pemasaran bukan lah suatu peristiwa atau pun kejadian. Ia adalah satu proses di mana terdapat permulaan, pertengahan tetapi tiada akhirnya. Anda pertingkatkannya, jadikan ia sempurna, melakukan perubahan yang baik atau pun mungkin juga anda berehat sejenak. Tetapi, anda tidak boleh terus memberhentikannya".

Apakah yang dikatakan internet?

Pelbagai jawapan boleh diberikan. Antaranya:

      1. Internet adalah suatu yang berkaitan dengan komputer 2. Internet adalah suatu yang berkaitan dengan talian telefon 3. Internet adalah suatu yang berkaitan dengan laman web 4. Internet adalah suatu yang berkait dengan mel elektronik (e-mail) 5. Internet adalah ruang untuk "chating" (berborak) 6. Internet mempunyai "game" yang boleh dimainkan di komputer

Internet secara umumnya adalah:

1. Jaringan komputer antarabangsa yang berpaut bersama jutaan rangkaian komputer untuk menyebarkan pelbagai maklumat dan informasi, artikel, gambar, dan sebagainya.

2. Internet adalah fenomena budaya yang membolehkan manusia memuaskan keinginan untuk mendapatkan maklumat serta komunikasi segera menjadi kenyataan.

3. Internet membolehkan pengguna berkongsi maklumat.

4. Internet menggunakan prosedur komunikasi piawai yang dikenali sebagai protokol internert (Transmission Control Program) atau TCP.

Ciri-ciri internet adalah:

1. Jaringan Sejagat -World Wide Web (www)

2. Mel elektronik (e-mail)untuk pengiriman maklumat yang pantas.

3. Kumpulan diskusi (Discussion group) yang berkaitan dengan forum,newsgroup atau papan buletin

4. Perbualan teks talian terus (chats) - ruangan borak

5. Muat turun (Download) fail, gambar dan sebagainya.

6. Perniagaan talian terus (online business) atau disebut juga internet marketing atau pemasaran internet yang banyak melibatkan para usahawan, pengiklan dan penerbit.

Apakah Pemasaran Melalui Internet

- Menjadi suatu KEMESTIAN bagi usahawan-usahawan dan peniaga-peniaga memiliki laman web atau sekarang lebih dekenali sebagaui blog.

- Laman web yang menarik dan sarat dengan informasi adalah merupakan suatu KEPERLUAN untuk menarik pelanggan melayari laman web dan membeli atau melanggan produk serta perkhidmatan yang dipaparkan.

Perkara-perkara penting yang perlu difikirkan secara serius:

* Menyediakan laman web yang menarik.

* Melakukan pemasaran yang berkesan.

* Perlu adanya pengetahuan, masa dan usaha yang mencukupi untuk pemasaran perniagaan melalui internet (online marketing).

* Pemasaran melalui internet bukanlah suatu yang mudah.- MESTI TAHU CARA DAN TEKNIK!!!

Untuk maklumat lanjut, boleh baca di sini:
Tip Blogging