Saturday, January 2, 2010

Building a Blog site in few Simple Steps

By: Alan Smith

There are certain points which you need to take care when you're learning how to build your own website. You can follow a simple game plan to set up your own website which will help you to start generating traffic right away. Imagine, how much pleasure you will get out of realizing that you can actually make a good living from your website. It is very easy to make a blog at or more traditional website at Remember one thing, these websites are extremely user friendly and you can make a website of all sorts in few minutes. Making your own website for free sounds like a great idea, but is it really? Before you make your own website for free, check out if making your website can make a world of difference for you?

Below are few points which will help you to set up your own website.

1) A Blog: Set up a blog website with no cost

There are many websites available online which will allow you to setup a blog for free using their own embedded software. In a matter of minutes, you can set up a website using one of these platforms. Do some homework and find out which website offers this type of service for free or with minimal charges.

2) A website with minimal content: A website with couple of paragraphs and content only

If your interest is to set up just a happy looking small website to begin with, there are many websites where you can type in content according to you and add graphics and so forth that are included within the website. You do not require any expertise in respect to HTML and the best thing is you can set up a website in very short period of time very easily. In your small website, there would be a problem wherein you'll have more restrictions as to the format that you will be allowed to use and the content which you can include.

3) Domain: Buy a domain name for your website

Once you select a format or platform that you want to use and are ready with basic requirements for your blog website, you need to register a domain name at a place that offers domains for a very low price. Now you have total control over the content of your website and you can start building back-links to it. Knowing that any effort that you put into it will be benefiting you instead of someone else website.


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